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Maternity, family, kids & more.



The  Simply White Package

1 Hour of Professional Styled Photography

Along with:

10 Advanced Edited Images put into an Online Album.

Full Resolution Downloads

Copyrights to Print


The JazzyJasmine Package

2 Hours of Professional Styled Photography

Along with:

20 Advanced Edited Images put into an Online Album.

Full Resolution Downloads

Copyrights to Print


add on's

Add a hardcover photo album

              8x8 + $250

              8x12 + $300

Add people: free up to 3, additional persons $50

Add additional Hours: $200 per hour.

Add originals: Free by request only, must pick up.  

Travel Dependent on location. 

First steps

My photoshoots are all individualized. Each shoot is personalized to bring out the best and most beautiful part in you. I try different locations and styles. When you email me feel free to tell me where your imagination wildly takes you. Want a arcade or mountainside? Colorful or mysterious? Have no idea but are down for suggestions…awesome! Ill work my magic and advise you what id like to do. You can also book a consultation. We will grab some coffee at a hip joint and pre-plan your entire photoshoot. From locations and outfit changes. This is an additional add-on and you’ll find more info under the wardrobe breakdown.


We have three methods of wardrobe planning.


The first option is your vision and it's free. You shop and pick outfits and accessories you feel fabulous in. You can use platforms like Pinterest to help duplicate stylings you liked. Like a Romper and wedges or a suit jacket and jeans. Your visions will come to life at our shoot. You can bring as many outfits as you’d like. I can’t guarantee we will use each one, but we will use which ones work best with our set-ups. Depending on how many photos you want- I recommend as little as 3 outfits to as many as 8.



Second, we make a shopping date. This option is an additional $100 and I’ll bring the latte. We will go to a variety of different boutiques to find the perfect pieces. You’re the buyer and I’m the styler. Ill help advise you on what’s best for photography and your body. From colors, fabrics, and cuts. You can have me for the afternoon while I chauffeur you around town to design the perfect look. Friends are welcome. This date is 2 hours.


I will style every piece of your photoshoot. I start by discussing stylings and getting measurements. I will customize every aspect of your shoot. From hair pieces, jewelry, clothing to accessories. Many of these items you can keep too! Some Third.maybe from a personal collection and others brand new for you. Occasionally I'll have a sponsor and these items will be returned. This element can range in cost, from $400 to $1200 in addition to the photography sesh. The difference in cost is dependent on how many images and outfits. You can tell me what budget you’d like to stay in and whether or not you’d like to keep the items. 








Natural Light Newborns

30 miunutes of Professional Styled Photography

Along with:

20  Edited Images put into an Online Album.

Full Resolution Downloads

Copyrights to Print

All Originals


Welcome to the world little baby! The first time you locked eyes on your new little was a meaningful, momentous, overwhelming and sentimental day.

My photographs protect and treasure that memory.

From those changing little toes and fingers to that peachy tiny head; my easy, comfortable and effortless photo session is the perfect way to capture your newest family members beginnings.  My Natural Light Newborn photoshoot is just that easy. I come to your home, where all is familiar, safe and cozy.  I bring things like clean blankets, baskets and sometimes props. All I need is a window with natural light and your new bundle of joy. You are welcome to watch or lend a helping hand. My shoot is quick, only about 30 minutes or so.  Then my images come to you in an online gallery for printing, sharing and saving.  


Fill this form out below. I book all clients via email. I will be in contact soon. 

Warmly, Ashley

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