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meet me,

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Photo courtesy of the talented Jeff Lopez Photography

I like to call myself an artist. Someone who appreciates and understands "the arts".  I love design, coffee, writing, travel, art & music. Photography is my muse and peace is my priority. I love expanding my awareness and reading. I immensely respect life and all the creatures of the earth.

 I first began my artistic journey at a very young age. Always impressing my elders either with my musicianship or creativity. First with piano, then moving to a trombone, and then mastering the saxophone. I was very musically inclined as a young person and even traveled to perform when requested. In high school, I competed often and later experienced the excitement of university scholarship contentments.

I indubitably took the closest scholarship to my hometown. I studied music performance at Colorado State University of Pueblo and triple majored in music performance, early childhood psychology, and exercise science.

Throughout my life, I modeled, competed in pageantry, and loved taking photos. In college, I won a contest for Miss Malibu, a “Blondies” calendar girl. One of my bigger more significant superficial achievements.  I was so intrigued with my photographer, that with his help, I dove into the other side of the scene. It began with an internship with the famous Jerry Martin Studios. After working in front of the camera, lights, and crew I had a huge desire to understand more. I then additionally enrolled in photography at University and officially opened as Ashley Tyler Studios, an entity of JMS and The Vault Studios in Colorado Springs. After a trip to Europe with model Jesse Kru, I threw my musical papers high in the air, left university 1 year shy of graduation, and moved to Denver and interned with celebrity photographer and music producer, Noe Deleon of Axiom. This time in my life was a momentous advancement in my photography and graphic design. I moved around southern Colorado building my little business into a thriving career with international travel and clientele. 

I currently reside in Fort Myers, Florida with my amazing and handsome husband and fur children, Turkey & Charlie. I enjoy traveling, adventure, fine foods and wines, animals, betterment, and kind people. I have amazing style and taste and it shows in my work. Styling is a skillset not given to everyone. I feel like my intellectual cravings are met best when I quench my need for enlightenment of any sort. I'm in love with art and the creation of beauty.   

 To create-  is the fulfillment I need for happiness and peace.  It’s where I belong.

        To create-  is the fulfillment I need for happiness and peace.  It’s where I belong.

Here's a look into my life

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"What makes my work so amazing is that my images are of  real clients. Some photos are of models and public figures but most of them are of real people, created organically on the spot. I'm usually the only professional on set. Solely created by me, my mind, and my subject. This is a sensational, extreme artistry that I have fashioned for my company. This is why so many of my clients loyally love me and unwaveringly stay with me for so long. I’ve built relationships that I cherish deeply and memories in my photographs that have become momentous works of art for my everyday clientele." -Ashley Tyler

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