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Selfies with my new Canon EOS R

Well it all started after a last min Photoshoot cancelation.

It all began on a festive Thursday evening when my husband and I had plans to put up the Christmas tree. However, I wasn’t in the mood. I was anxiety-ridden with my eagerness for the next days' photoshoot at our house. Normally I design my sets the day before, but since we made family plans I figured it would be completely fine setting up the day of, especially considering it wasn’t until 4 pm. But the unknown was consuming all my thoughts. So instead of doing the annual Chinese food, Christmas Story, and putting up the tree, I changed our plans and turned our living room into a studio and my office into a mini tree farm so that I could sleep well and be ready for Friday’s photoshoot.

8 hours later or so, I woke up Friday morning... to a distraught client and a canceled photoshoot. She wanted to reschedule so no harm done but I figured why not leave the setup and still shoot! So I put on one of my studios sexy Santa suits and took some-holiday inspired self-portraits. I needed to practice with my new camera anyway and this was the perfect opportunity.

My new Canon EOS R has so many upgrades from my old Nikon D810. The EOS has really efficient WiFi and tech perks I’m not used to. I used the Canon Camera Connect App on my phone and was able to control the settings, activate shutter, and see live view! This made this whole shoot a lot easier and allowed me to get really creative trying to hide my hands, haha.

Even with all of this fancy technology, things are not what they seem. It was similar to watching a 3-year-old trying to dress themselves... chaotic and humorous. The app kept disconnecting...resulting in my phone then connecting to the home WiFi... this happened at least 8 times.... every 5 min or so. Then I would have to walk over to “reset” the camera and re-connect, and every time I stood up or sat down up my bodysuit snaps came undone. For those of you who don’t know... re-snapping, a bodysuit is a very trying task, more so emotionally, but the physical part is almost just as impossible. In addition to pretzeling myself to snap these snaps the added heat from the studio lights, was not helping my overall glamour look. Oh and on a side note... I had so much makeup on... and yet the photos did not reflect that whatsoever. Once everything was ready to go, on the camera side, I’d go back to the couch, take my place in front of the lights, get my hair untangled from the fake fur collar, violently stretch my furry sleeves down, re-pose, re-frame, hide my phone, pick up the tree that just fell, and try and reposition the bodysuit whos snaps have once again popped open.

Luckily I only went at this shoot and the trips to and from the EOS for about 40 min. I’m happy with the photos and feel beautiful but I know I could have done better. So I’m very much looking forward to my real models' photoshoot in my office tree farm.

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