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about boudoir with me,

Boudoir photos are a beautiful way to express the divine femininity we often suppress. These photos are great for boosting personal moral,  models in the lingerie or modeling industry, gifts that say a million words and lastly for the fashionmonger.

When you love fashion culture and crave silks paired with lace and organza and hunt until you find the piece that makes your emoji into a heart-eyed eager stylist…then Boudoir is perfect for you. But you don’t have to be a Fashionista to plan a photoshoot, even the unfamiliar can thrive.

The bride to be, the experienced wife or the tangy new thang…all women have the reign to indulge in a moment of empowered beauty to entice and excite the lover. I am incredibly good at what I do, I know how to pose every body beautifully and I’ve perfected feminine appeal. My style is distinctive, and I have a vast model clientele. I love to collaborate and make magic with artists on a variety of platforms. Create something individualized that will hopefully be the most captivating photos my clients will display to date. That being said our shoot will celebrate everything you are. You will look amazing. It will empower you and mark your life milestones; privately or publicly.

ATS is by appointment only. We take just a few shoots a month so availability is limited. We encourage planned appointments and thoroughly thought out wardrobes.

Here is a link to some of our favorite looks.

General Wardrobe Ideas

Senior Photoshoot Wardrobe and Theme Ideas

Maternity Wardrobe and Theme ideas

Engagement Wardrobe and Theme ideas

Child Model ideas

Boudoir Wardrobe ideas

First, we will need to discuss what location will suit your style best. You will email me with as many details as you can about what you want so I can design and personalize it best for you. My questionnaire form below will help make this step easier. Then we will make a date to shoot. 

wanna book?

You will arrive in your first outfit ready to shoot. Payment is due before we begin shooting. I prefer cash but will pre-arrange PayPal payments. All your other clothing, accessories and shoes should be in a rolling suitcase or bag with hair and/or makeup complete. Again you can do this yourself or have a salon do it for you unless I’m styling you (3rd option). For women I recommend hair down, either straight or curled. A strong foundation with bronzer, nude lips but bring lipsticks and glosses, light eyeshadow with eyeliner and substantial lashes. (I love false lashes and Spray tans-  But they aren’t a must.) Boys! You make my life easy. Wear your hair like you would on a date. I hope I’ve intrigued you enough to book your next shoot with me.

day of shoot: Need to know

I have three methods for helpful wardrobe planning. I will assist you to make sure everything works well and goes smoothly. 


The first option is your vision and it's free. You shop and pick outfits and accessories you feel fabulous in. You can use platforms like Pinterest to help duplicate stylings you liked. Like a Romper and wedges or a suit jacket and jeans. Your visions will come to life at our shoot. You can bring as many outfits as you’d like. I can’t guarantee we will use each one, but we will use which ones work best with our set-ups. Depending on how many photos you want- I recommend as little as 3 outfits to as many as 8.



Second, we make a shopping date. This option is an additional $100 and I’ll bring the latte. We will go to a variety of different boutiques to find the perfect pieces. You’re the buyer and I’m the styler. Ill help advise you on what’s best for photography and your body. From colors, fabrics, and cuts. You can have me for the afternoon while I chauffeur you around town to design the perfect look. Friends are welcome. This date is 2 hours.


Third. I will style every piece of your photoshoot. I start by discussing stylings and getting measurements. I will customize every aspect of your shoot. From hair pieces, jewelry, clothing to accessories. Many of these items you can keep too! Some maybe from a personal collection and others brand new for you. Occasionally I'll have a sponsor and these items will be returned. This element can range in cost, from $400 to $1200 in addition to the photography sesh. The difference in cost is dependent on how many images and outfits. You can tell me what budget you’d like to stay in and whether or not you’d like to keep the items. 

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