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The Bridezilla Story

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

As I begin to write this and flash back to the horror brides i've experienced, it's easy to say that it's much bigger than one chick and a bad attitude. Their actions crushed my confidence and left me haunted with anxiety and fear. Prior to these women, I saw weddings as a day of love, embrace and an opportunity to create magic! The boss babe in me was fierce and my mind was focused and determined. I was prepared, ready to perform and to give my clients stunning photos to make them giddy with excitement. Unfortunately, these she devils created a whole new perspective of savages. Luckily for me I've only had about 3 dirty rotten Bridezillas. That's not bad considering I did and average of 40 weddings a year.

Every bride seems so rich in bliss during our consultations and most experience less than becoming wedding day moments, but that doesn't qualify them as a bridezilla. Having been married myself, I can relate to the stresses of getting married, planning a party for 100 + people and looking good while doing it! Look for my next post; " The real side of a stressed bride". I'm sure by now your burning with eager to hear these stories. So let's jump on in.

Nightmare from the North

I want to give this one the homage of the wicked witch from the west, but this nightmare was from the north. Not sure why they had their wedding in my very limited, quaint tiny home town, but they did. This brides engagement session was a bit demanding, her fiance and I were commanded like servants, with condescending "do this and do thats". This should have been my first clue to what was coming. When the wedding day came, everything was pretty normal, same "do this and thats" which I can handle. But at the end of the night, the werewolf came out, and the bride and her posse came for me. It was like something out of a movie, with mean girls picking on the innocent girl. You see, when I was in the beginning of my career I offered "full day photography". There was no time limit, I just said wedding day. At this time in the night, about 11 pm, there was about 10 people on the dance floor and 90% of the guests had left. I went to my bride who was standing with her Mom/Aunt posse and advised her that I felt confident that I had successfully captured every photo necessary, and that I was going to call it a night. The bride, one eyebrow raised, smirkingly said "The wedding's not over yet" then looked me up and down, As if I was her servant once again. It was a giggly snotty moment i'll never forget. I am not confrontational and my career was just beginning. So I said ok, and went back to my corner. I stayed for another 2 hours, teary eyed and petrified in a dark, completely deserted side of that massive event hall seating 400+ people. After 16 hours of photography, the mother of the bride approached me and said "you can leave".

This wedding was so long ago my brain has filed most of these memories in its Fuck it Bucket. I learned a lot from this experience. Never once did it happen again.

Princess Plague

This bridezilla story is not only my most recent run in with the wicked, but it's also my most dreadful. This bride was a plague of slow infection. Her evil creeped slowly throughout the day, and her stealthy viciousness wasn't in full effect until she went home a married women. Immediately following this extremely disorganized and inflexible wedding came the most inappropriate, constant ridicule i've ever had to tolerate. As a professional it's imperative we communicate with our clients about hiccups. Along with consequences of wedding timeline tardiness. Apparently this bridezilla saw this as an opportunity to turn this circumstance into a pretentious, psychoanalysis of my personality. After multiple calls of this bride, trying to mornonicly convince me of how she feels all weddings should be executed, her amatuer opinion and cockamamie wedding philosphy was an ongoing, vicious control cycle that left me seriously scarred. I cried, apologized, and found myself in pure bewilderment. How could someone so seemingly sweet turn into a monstrosity of maliciousness. Not to confuse you more, but this bridezilla, surprisingly found herself hoping to detain my friendship, and back in love with her photos. My mental health was deeply rattled.

After this past wicked witch I have found myself still plagued with anxiety every time I give clients their photos. I worry that they will mentally destroy me and come for my family if my photos didn't fulfil their expectations. Normally, my photography is glorified, and somehow this one person has stained my mind so regularly that I can no longer assume that my photography subjects have reasonable expectations of my "magic".

In conclusion, I find myself distanced, and so thankful facebook has a blocking

feature. As time passes i'm becoming less affected by these shrews and am reminded to never judge a book by its cover. They've all have set great examples for me...of what not to be.

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