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The real side of a stressed bride

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Weddings can be hard, even for a professional. Not a professional bride that is, ha ha, but a professional in the industry. I've been shooting weddings for 13 years now, and I feel like i've seen close to it all. This was my first wedding, and my only, so I knew I wanted to pull out all the magic. Although I planned our wedding on a budget, it ultimately appeared to have an exorbitant financial narrative. My vendors were not only my colleagues but very much my friends. I knew where to find the best prices and how to save the most money. My resources were abundant. My creative designer {and amazing} parents were my go to architect assets. I knew what things were important to splurge on and what things needed to be bougie. My understanding of photography made many things extra important, like textures, organization, color and backgrounds. In retrospect that probably also caused a lot more work for me than I anticipated.

Regardless, my wedding day experience was magically unforgettable. I took extra time planning to make sure our guests had an enjoyable time celebrating with us. All my details seemed excessive at the time but so necessary looking back. I thought I covered every detail twice, but my wedding planner Terri who I call my Fairy God Wedding Mother, handled a lot of the nonsense poppycock that popped up behind the scenes. Aside from Terri protecting me from the gobbledygook, I thought our wedding day would go seamlessly. But there was one moment i'm not so proud of. My not so bridezilla, bridezilla moment that I created of pure chaos.

Having a Mimosa with my posse. {Logan my stylist, the Mom, and MOH} Peep my dog, Turkey on my lap.

Our wedding was in late September, it was actually the first day of fall. The morning went by quickly with lots of people, asking me lots of questions and directions. I wrote up schedules and sent everyone instructions, but I still had a few people that needed more. My best friends helped me organize all the chaos right by my side. I arrived at our church excited and shaking with excitement. Our ceremony was sentimental and our photoshoot was electrifying. Then it was time for the grand entrance...

my not so proud moment,

It was right before our bridal parties grand entrance. There was 14 people and two very excited dogs all corralled into a library book nook, and you could feel the energy. My mom was bustling my dress after I forgot my teatherer with a makeshift hair pin when Turkey the dog ran off. We were inside a hotel resort but he didn't have a leash, and was on a mission to explore. So, naturally, I panicked. I told my mom to stop so I could get the dog, and after she said no, I snapped at her and convinced my mates to chase the dog down. In hindsight i'm sure one of the 14 people on my bridal dream team would have inherently grabbed him. But he's the type of dog to just run faster if someone besides his immediate crew is trailing him. It was definitely a moment of chaos fueled by extreme anticipation. I apologized to my mom who didn't even remember, but my behavior was still something i'm not so proud of.

September 22, 2016

I absolutely loved our wedding day. I loved the way it felt, looked and photographed. I am so grateful for all the amazing and special people that were apart of this momentous day in my life. THANK YOU, you know who you are for being so helpful with the planning, writing, decorating, breaking down, packing moving...gosh the list goes on and on. I love all you beautiful people with all my heart.

Take a gander at my wedding links.

Here's our Wedding Photos:

My Stylist: My dream team had to begin with a bonny bride. Thank you Logan for making me feel and look beautiful.

Wedding Planner: My wedding planner was like my invisible Fairy Godmother that made my design visions come to life and with an added flare of heavenly style.

Photography: My creative wedding photographer that not only captured everything perfectly but was humble enough to allow me to do the editing of my choice.

Videographer: The creativity of this amazing man blows my mind.

DJ: My lifelong soccer buddy who's voice is to die for.

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